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John Scarlato, a native of Westchester County and alum of the New York Institute of Technology, can easily be counted as one of Westchester’s busiest architects.  Serving the area since 1995, his work is now 100% referral based and John’s collaboration with Todd Page, an architectural graduate of Columbia University with extensive knowledge of residential construction, is a testimony to this demand, as is his commitment to quality design and exceeding his client’s expectations.


With HGTV inspiring the world to reimagine their space, more and more people are hiring architects to help them manifest those dreams. The people who come to John Scarlato and his team, do so because they understand the value that over 20 years of hands-on design experience and collaboration with local municipalities, brings to the table.  And, with over 1000 projects under their belt in Westchester alone, the Scarlato Team has not only proven that they can design their client’s vision, but that they can ensure a happy outcome within a predetermined timeframe and budget, which are critically important elements to success. The Scarlato Team is also known for their impressive ability to make a home look fantastic without spending a fortune, which factors squarely into the outstanding value they offer. 


Although John and his team add style and character to every project they take on, they also pride themselves in never approaching a new project with a preconceived style or expectation. They listen carefully to their client's ideas and work closely with those concepts to help the homeowners create something that is uniquely their own. And they do so while providing invaluable counsel on how to maximize the value of their home; the biggest investment of our lives.

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